Ryan Schnepf Thursday 13 October, 2011


Y’all think I am just a free-rider! Most people don’t know I have my roots in racing. Starting in XC more than fifteen years ago and then moved out west and started DH racing in 1999. When free-ride blew up and racing kinda died. I shifted to trail building and hucking! In the last couple years I have not competed much and after doing a few local Super D events I have the itch for competion and I am thrilled to take on the BC cup circuit this year!

Name: Ryan Schnepf

Nickname: RY or Schneffy

Home Town: Born and Raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Hometown since 1999: Kelowna BC

Likes: Every kind of bike I can get a leg over!

Dislikes: Bad service!

Favourite food: I love Food! Tacos, Spaghetti & Meatballs

Favourite movie quote: You’re way outta your element Donny

Favourite Movie: The big lebowski

Type of music I like: Led Zeppelin, Wu-Tang, the black keys, James Brown, deadmau5

People that I look up too: Wade Simmons, John Tomac, Shaun Palmer, Myles Rockwell, Anderson Silva


Career Highlights:

    • First ever NSMB “Airprentice” winner.
    • Drop-In season 3 cast member
    • numerous video appearance, NSX etc
    • Print appearances in Decline mag


Goals for the 2012 Season:

    • I will be entering BC CUP DH as a Masters mens this year with only one goal, “winning my way to elite mens ranks”
    • My goals are not just to win my category this year, but to find the speed and hit elite level times bye the end of the season.

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