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Long term goal: Being a pro rider and help coach bike camps in whistler (like summer gravity camps) when possible while still racing and competing Long term racing goals, to ride in pro when able and compete in world cups around the world.

Name: Jayson Giorio

Nickname: that’s your choice

Date of Birth: April, 12. 1996

Home Town: Vernon B.C.

Likes: Girls

Dislikes: People who know it all

Favourite food: Fish in anyway shape or form

Least Favourite food: I’ll eat anything that you put out in front of me

Favourite movie quote: May the force be with you

Favourite Movie: Braveheart

Type of music I like: Anything, Adele to Redman

People that I look up too: Brendan Fairclough, Danny Hart and Andrew Neethling


About Me,

I was born in Kamloops B.C. and lived there till I was 6, I rode my bike to school. I was oblivious to the downhill bike scene developing right in front of my eyes, I remember seeing little road gaps on the side of the road and numerous bikers hitch hiking for rides up to where I played hockey. There were little rollers by my house and I always enjoyed going out there and getting a little bit of air and making my heart beat! From the age of 5 till 13 I played Rep hockey and one year I decided to quit and start freestyle skiing, I competed for the Vernon Freestyle Ski Club for two years. In the summers when I wasn’t skiing or playing hockey I would bike in Vernon with my friends. We dug up our park and built jumps onto the big grass hill. Every week they got torn down but that wasn’t stopping us. When the park was finished they put up fences and that was the end to that spot, I took the next step and started riding up our local hill, Silver Star. Four years and 3 new bikes later here I am racing the B.C. cups and Crankworx and taking my biking to a whole new level. I’m going to Excel Fitness in Vernon (check them out, http://www.excelfit.ca/ ) they have amazing programs that help any striving athlete or person trying to get in shape and everything in between! I also go to Bikram Yoga Vernon to help prevent injuries and it also helps your whole body get into the form it’s suppose to be.

This past summer I took a volunteer trip to Kenya, it was an amazing experience and I would love to do many more in the off season, I met lots of great people and it has changed my view on life. Paying it forward is a big part of my life and I think that everyone should be given the opportunity to succeed. If you work hard in life you will be given an opportunity, you can choose to take the opportunity or throw it away by not working hard enough. I learned a lot about myself on the trip and it was there that I decided to work hard at biking this off season, so I can compete at a whole new level this upcoming season and ride my bike in every aspect from road biking to 4-cross. The most important thing I learned on my trip to Africa was how lucky I am to have such an amazing family, both my mom and dad always support me by coming to whatever I’m doing at the time and paying for all my expensive hobbies and a special thanks to my sister for coming to my bike trips and supporting me with everything so I can pursue my passion. My trip to Kenya also taught me to do what makes me happy. My other hobbies include anything that that gets my adrenaline pumping! I like to go dirt biking, bungee jumping and skiing. I also like to spend time with my family by hiking and doing as much physical activity as I can with them.

Career Highlights:

    • I’ll be racing in the U17 expert men
    • 3rd in U19 citizen men western open 2010
    • 2nd in U16 Air DH whistler Crankworx 2011
    • 6th in U17 expert men western open 2011
    • 10th out of 20 overall in B.C. series in 2011

Long term Goals:

    • To make it to pro rider and help coach bike camps in whistler (like summer gravity camps) when possible while still racing and competing
    • To ride in pro when able and compete in world cups around the world


2012 Goals:

    • Train really hard to race in the B.C. series
    • Win at least 1 race and become top 5 in all races
    • Maintain straight ‘A’s’ in school

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