Matt Butterworth Wednesday 26 October, 2011


I’m an action sports photographer and filmmaker based out of Kelowna, BC. My passion for mountain biking is what got me into photography and filmmaking years ago when I was in middle school, like many other action shooters. Creating the most stunning and inspiring photographs/films in action sports is what I strive to do. I hope you enjoy my work!

Name: Matthew Butterworth

Nickname: Butters

Birthday: July 18 1991

Hometown: Kelowna, BC

Likes: Riding bikes, Skiing, photography, Making Films, Drinking beer, Chillin’ with the bros, finding dope music, Espressos, Bacon, doing ridiculous things.

Dislikes: Drama, Stressing over the small stuff, skim milk (2% all the way), foosball (I always lose), breaking derailleur hangers, and above all ICBC!

Favorite Food: Bacon, Steak, Bacon

Least favorite food: Yet to find a food I really, really dislike, if you cook it, I’ll eat it!

Favorite Quote: It’s chill bro!

Favorite Movie: Cool Runnings, Roam

Music: Alternative Rock, Dubstep, Electronic, Indie Folk

People who I look up to: Sterling Lorence, Thomas Vanderham, Cedric Gracia, Joe Simon

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