A’ME heated 1.3 and Ergo grips. Thursday 19 January, 2012


With this recent blast of Winter, we are sure stoked to have A’me grips USA sponsoring us for the 2012 season because they sent us a bunch of their heated Ergo Tri and 1.3 Tri grips to keep our hands nice and toasty warm no matter what type of bike we’re riding!

If you see these two guys in your travels make sure to say “Hi” they’re awesome guys to work with and we love their products.

After years of research and development, A’ME Grips is introducing their new Heated MTB Grips . The Heated Ergo Tri and Heated 1.3 Tri grips are “Made in the U.S.A.”, as an add-on accessory for your Mountain Bike.
These grips feature “bluPulse – Adaptive Thermal Regulation” which combines smart microprocessor technology and internal thermal sensors to give the rider the freedom to easily adjust each grip to any of the six temperature settings with a simple push of a button while LED lights indicate the setting. This allows for comfortable hand temperatures that help reduce fatigue and maintain finger dexterity. All of which improves rider control.
All Heated Grips are made of a specially formulated VulcathaneTM compound that produces a tacky durable surface with an ergo design and our popular triangle pattern that is a comfort to hold onto. Also available is the Heated 1.3 Tri which has a slightly larger diameter for riders looking for a bigger feel. With a single clamp-on design, installation is simple. Just slide the grip on your handlebar and tighten one screw. The A’ME Heated MTB Grips are available in two sizes and many popular colors.
The hard shell Lithium Polymer battery will attach to many places on the bicycle with the provided velcro straps. A fully charged battery will provide up to 2-1/2 hours of hand comfort. Batteries and chargers are sold separately. Jumper leads that you connect to your own battery are also available.
In addition, all A’ME Grips come with a 6 month replacement warranty on failed internal components and a 2 year 60% price replacement warranty on any grips that might be damaged due to a fall or excessive wear and tear.

The heated 1.3 Tri and Ergo grips come with a rechargeable lithium-Ion Polymer, 11.1 volt, 4250-mAh battery incased in an impact resistant plastic shell. It has the A’ME DuxButt™ watertight connectors, which are compatible to all A’ME thermal controlled products. This A’ME proprietary connector contains specially plated terminals with a molded housing to seal around the terminals and insure a watertight fit.

Battery Charger: The A’ME battery charger is specific to the A’ME battery Pack. It is equipped with the A’ME DuxButt™ watertight connectors. No other charger is recommended. Powered by a normal households 110 volts AC, it will recharge a fully depleted battery in approximately 4 hours.

Battery Mounting Kit: This kit contains two separate mounting pieces made of a molded rubber compound. One will allow the battery to be mounted under a frame tube or handlebar stem. The other is a pad cover to cushion the battery against the side of the frame. An 18” Velcro strap will help secure the battery case to many locations on the bike.

Jumper Leads: A’ME has jumper leads available to be used with alternative battery sources. They feature the A’ME DuxButt™ connectors and can be spliced into the leads of an existing with a 9 to 14 volt DC output. The milliamp hour
output of an alternative battery will
affect the length of time the
grip will run.

DuxButt™ Electrical Connectors are currently being used as a critical component in A’ME Heated Grips that are being sold to the Power Sports and Recreational Industries such as; ATV, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft and
Mountain Biking.

Because of their reliability under various mechanical and environmental forces, A’ME is now offering these weatherproof state-of-the-art connectors to other industries for a wide variety of applications including Automotive,
Boating etc.

A’ME’s DuxButt™ Connectors are manufactured in U.S.A. All connectors are subjected to comprehensive in-house testing requirements. In addition the connectors must also undergo extensive field-testing in various environments and elements throughout the year including being submerged in water.

A’ME DuxButt™ Connectors have a high insulation value and excellent resistance to pressure, water and vibration.

A’ME DuxButt™Connectors are extremely durable and can be quickly
and easily assembled during repeated connection and disconnection cycles.

A’ME offers a 6 month Manufacture
Warranty on all DuxButt™ connectors.

This grip features micro process technology and internal sensors.

A’ME is also introducing the new Heated Ergo Tri. Made in USA, this grip features the same micro process technology and internal sensors as the 1.3 Tri, and give the rider the freedom to easily adjust each grip to any of the six temperature settings with a simple push of a button, with an LED light indicating the setting. This allows for comfortable hand temperatures that reduce fatigue and maintain finger dexterity. All of which improves rider control.

They only take seconds too install and once you have tried them you will be sold. Here’s a little video of the installation process. (We spared you any cheesy commentary as the installation is super straight forward)

Our initial impression of the heated 1.3 Tri and Ergo Tri models are, they are super easy to install and look great on the bike. The battery isn’t bulky and fits on all of our bikes ranging from XC through DJ and even our DH bikes. We love that they use the same 1 bolt securing system. Who doesn’t hate those lock rings located at the outer end of your grips? Another cool feature is the type of material they use in their grips, very grippy in all types of riding conditions, even in -18 degree weather! The six heat settings range from 90-100 degrees F. They charged up relatively quick and once charged lasted for hours at maximum heat settings. Did we mention the Max setting is a whopping 130 degrees F?! Yeah that’s right, you’re hands will never be cold again during Fall/Winter conditions, no matter what part of the world you live in.

We will continue to ride and test these wonderful grips throughout the next few months and will report back in the Spring with a full review. We will also be adding some more pictures of our test/training rides in the coming weeks.

>So stay tuned!

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